"Sometimes, it's just so hard to people..."

photo by aidan meyer

photo by aidan meyer

You've done the work on yourself, but you just can't seem to translate that into social situations.  Which makes sense.  Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are different, and we use different muscles when dealing with ourselves versus dealing with others.  

Sometimes the best way to learn how to deal with people is to just be with people.

And that is where group therapy comes in handy.  You get to learn, as it happens, what triggers you in group situations, and how to heal and learn through your interaction with others.  In return, as you grow to understand and feel comfortable with fellow group members, you learn to heal your wounds through the group's help and support.  

I offer a variety of groups, and different groups are available and running at different times.  Please feel free to call me and find out more about which groups might best suit your needs.

In the end, we are social animals, and we learn and can be healed through our relationships with others.



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