“We are parents or a family”

photo by ey kezuend

photo by ey kezuend

Let's face it, there are no manuals that pop out when your child is born!

  You've read the books. You've listened to the experts. Maybe you've even done your own therapy.  It seems to look so easy for everyone but you. Sometimes all the work that you do doesn't carry over into your family relationships.  

Sometimes parents or even the whole family need to come together in order to make better sense of what is going on and connect.

I work with both parents and whole families to explore the challenges and fears of daily living, so that you can define for yourselves, using love and a better understanding, what kind of family you want to be. We work together to understand who each member of the family is as an individual, and understand how all of you, as individuals, can express your own needs and feelings so you can come together and communicate more effectively.  

It’s a skill that doesn’t always feel innate, but it is definitely a skill that can be honed.